Kamis, 01 Januari 2009

New Year: New Page and New Step

It is not easy to be wise, I tell you. This year I’ve been through many phases that changed my perspectives about this whole life. My education life, my capoeira’s world, my personal life. Everything. I had met so many people and with their various characteristics; they taught me a lot of lessons. It was a total blast, tough needed long process to occur.

Sometimes I got a flashback, think back what I was doing in the past and who I am now. And…and also what would I be in the future. It feels like losing a grip for a moment. Or amazed by how wonderful my life in the past, present and hopefully in the future. Day dreaming… I just like to split it out between the imagination and the reality, because one time we possibly feel that life is just too hectic and stressful, and it can be meanless for us, asking to ourself what is actually we do all of this for?

Learned the zen art of patient. Well, perhaps I will always get annual nomination for this impatient behaviour of mine. I desperately wish that I could minimize this. But I just can’t wait for something as longer as other people can. Maybe I am too dynamical, fast-thinker, and bonehead. Just whatever, I can handle this by myself. I would be appreciate if nobody is not trying to interrupt/get involve to me when I got this.

The important thing that matter is…what has gone is gone. I should left the bad things away, throw ‘em up in somewhere far away beyond my reach, so I can’t remember it anymore. It’s enough to experienced it, get the lessons and then move forward without looking back, of course. I certainly want to catch my dreams, make lots of plans…open a new page of my life, begin a new step to be a better person. I have no specific resolution actually. Wait..wait, sure! I have a specific one: have batizado with CDO mestres and contramestres! Owww yeahhhh….still got a lotta materials to catch, damn it! Just keep tryin’, have fun, and movin’ on. Girl poweeeeerrr!!!!!!

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